Notice and Agreement for Registration

Hello, dear classmates. Welcome to the Mon Family! In order to facilitate your registration and ensure that the school can handle the admission formalities and prepare learning materials for you in time, if you choose to register online or bank remittance registration, that is, on behalf of your personal agreement to the following reminders and agreements, please read the content carefully:

Notes for Online Registration:

1, Students can register online through WeChat or Alipay.

2. Please fill in the students' real names and telephone numbers so as to improve the registration information in the future.

3. Please try not to register in unsafe computer environment such as Internet cafes to ensure the security of your Internet Bank account. If there is a security problem of online banking, it has nothing to do with this site.

4. After the online enrollment is successful, the students can get the "enrollment serial number" according to the screen prompt, which can be used as one of the enrollment vouchers.

5. After successful registration, please contact the school at the first time according to the prompt on the page to confirm and improve the registration information.

Notes for Bank Remittance Registration:

1. Use bank remittance to register. Please ensure that the remittance account is a bank account published on the official website of our school.

2. After successful bank remittance processing, please contact the school hotline 4001260006 at the first time to confirm and improve the registration information.

Notice of Important Agreement:

1. The deposit is used by schools to prepare students' information and establish student status files. The deposit has legal effect and will not be refunded after delivery.

2. The deposit is included in the tuition fee. After enrollment, the students only need to pay the remaining part of the tuition fee.

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