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From the moment students enter the school, there will be specialized teachers who will directly guide them for higher education, so that their studies will be more secure.

Paying attention to students,Responsible for the whole process

Paying attention to students: The tutorial system enables the tutors to have a deep understanding of each student and make feasible plans for further study according to the students' abilities, interests and goals, reasonably arrange the plan for admission to higher education, and tailor the reasonable background promotion plan.

From the beginning of junior high school, each student will be made a customized plan including things from the preparation before application to the success of application, and then to the adaptation to the foreign culture and campus in advance, visa guidance and pre-departure guidance after the university admission.Students and parents will be kept in close contact and communication and the schedule will be mastered accurately.

Background improvement,Professional writing

Appropriate background improvement plans will be customized from the aspects of internship, research and work collection, etc.Relevant internship, project research, entries and other opportunities will be arranged, and resume modification and mock interview courses will be provided for a perfect preparation so as to achieve a successful background improvement.

The real advantages of students will be fully demonstrated. The structure of the document emphasizes on highlighting coherence and elaboration, and emphasizes on improving the language expression and logicality of the document.

For students with relatively weak English proficiency, we maintain good cooperation with many schools to ensure admission.

Admission ensurence

Mohn Public School implements the global strategic layout of one school, four districts and multi-centers centered on the Chinese (Handan) campus. It takes building world-class schools as its own responsibility and relies on the global linkage of education pattern to provide a more comprehensive and optimized way for graduates from different academic stages. After graduating from high school, students can enter the top 100 schools in the world. The top 50 schools in Britain, the top 100 schools in the United States, the top 20 schools in Canada and the top 10 schools in Australia are among the top 100 schools in the world.

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