Mon Academy is a 15-year international boarding and digitalized school, co-established by Lilac Education Group, Handan Guangpin County Government, British Council, America Columbia Education Center, Canada Fullbright International School, Singapore NAFA and other government organizations.

Mon Academy is located at Mon Town, and enjoys a convenient traffic with only 30-minute’s driving to Handan City. Besides, it is adjacent to the seven-star Thermal Spring Holiday Hotel, endowed with advanced facilities and pleasant environment. Here is poetic quietness and sweetness, as well as picturesque brilliancy and wonder, contributing an ideal option for teachers' career development and students' academic study.

In adherence to the “open, ecological, sharing and technological” design direction for its architectural design philosophy, Mon Academy is carefully designed by Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute, which introduces the global most advanced design concept, regards “building a centurial famous school” as the design criterion, and “comfort, humanity, nature, harmony, connotation and talent cultivation” as the design contents, and aims to become the high-tech, digital and future-oriented international school combining humanity with ecology, as well as openness with sharing.

The school covers a floor area of 700mu (about 46.7 hectares) with the total investment of 200 million USD, as well as a total building area of about 120,000㎡, and can offer a standardized holding capacity of 3,000 students. Its 10,000㎡ neighborhood-typed social center, as the central hub for the students’ social observation in real practice, has all the necessary functions for them to adapt to the society after leaving the school.Around the social center, we also build the teaching-learning center, the life and service center, the fitness and sports center, and the creation and art center (four sub-functional centers). We implement the five-star-hotel-level management to the five functional centers, and strive to provide students and teachers a safe, comfortable, humanistic, caring, positive and all-round-development environment for academic study and daily life.

Drawing lessons from the successful educational concept, innovative courses and management mode of western centurial famous school Eton School, Mon Academy highly values the students’ individual difference and development potential, integrates the eastern and western cultural resources and humanistic tradition, and develops MP curriculum management system,which aims at cultivating lifelong learns who are willing to explore, good at thinking and brave enough to take on all-round development, and cultivating elites to meet the needs of the time for the society.

Mon Academy , in accordance with the “one-school, four-campus and multi-center” strategic layout with Handan campus as center,sets up Hainan campus (Shimei Bay),Britain campus (Loughborough),and Canada campus (Toronto); Mon Academy makes it its mission to build a world-class school. Based on the globalized education layout, it provides more comprehensive paths of further study for graduates in different studying phases. Those graduates in high school department can enter the global top-100 schools.

CEO’s Letter:

Education is not equal to the curriculum. The curriculum arranged by the school is the tool and the carrier to implement education ideas and philosophy. The core essence of education is to cultivate the heart and plant the belief. The education that lays emphasis on academic studies unilaterally without rooted belief is not complete. Now what education is doing is what we need to innovate.
To ensure the foundation is the advantage of Chinese education. To respect for individuality is the essence of the western education. It is Mon’s mission to combine the advantages and essence of Chinese and western education, provide elite education service of the highest quality for middle and hight class elite families, and cultivate students’ comprehensive qualities of equality, independence,integrity, courage, responsibility, dignity, tradition, fraternity, innovation and guidance.
Education should be jointly paticipated by every student, teacher, parent and society to build a soil rooted in belief since a nation without belief has no future. The contribution of education includes but is not limited to the process and courses of education. The most important thing is to guide us how to grasp our future and direction. The road of education will never end, which has only endless inheritance, innovation, development, construction…

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Address: 001 Yunxi Avenue, Yunxi Valley International Cultural Tourism Resort, Handan City, Hebei Province
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