The logo of Mon Public School is newly released and officially launched!

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At 11:00 a.m. on November 14, 2018, Lake Education Group held a press conference to officially display the logo, the latest brand logo of Mone Public School, in order to highlight the forward-looking concept of education and the international concept of education of Mone Public School.

The English logo MON of MON, designed by Zhengbang Xinrui (Beijing) Brand Technology Co., Ltd., is a combination of man (man) and moon (moon) in English. Man stands for men's courage, responsibility and responsibility, while moon stands for introverted, gentle and silent educational concept. The combination of man (man) +moon (moon) as MON aims to convey the educational concept of Mohn's public school to train brave, responsible, responsible, restrained and flexible international elite talents.


In the new logo, "M" skillfully forms the vertical display books, showing the strong academic atmosphere and cultural atmosphere of the public school as an international school. The "O/N" on the right side is like the human form, reflecting the public school of Mohn's people-oriented, individualized education concept. The overall image of shield expresses the spirit of truth-seeking, rigorous innovation, advocating and defending academic truth, and the service concept of caring for and caring for every student. It provides strong backing for students and parents. At the same time, the shield coincides with the universal label symbols of international schools and reflects the international image of the school. The application of red and blue tones is a skillful combination of Chinese red and international blue, which reflects that Mohn School can inherit history and have an international perspective. Red symbolizes endless life, represents the power of continuous improvement; blue represents rigorous academic attitude, as well as the value orientation of scientific rationality.


In the logo of Mohn Public School, the shape is compatible, full of artistry, appreciation and modernity. It highlights the personality charm and school-running style of Mohn Public School, which is also the embodiment of the inherent spirit of Mohn Public School.


Today's press conference is another magnificent blossom of Mone School in its rapid progress. It marks that Mone School is moving forward with rigorous attitude, thinking and forging ahead, and will display its most beautiful image in front of the world.

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