The quality courses of Mon Academy are divided into compulsory courses and optional courses. According to students' age, physiological and psychological characteristics, Mon Academy provides students with a variety of quality courses, including logic thinking courses, art appreciation courses, DHS elite courses and more than 60 clubs and community courses. While paying attention to students' studies, Mon Academy also emphasizes the cultivation of students in logic, sports, art and other aspects. The tennis, football and other sports courses cooperated with Loughborough College,the music course cooperated with Genius Tradition, the golf course cooperated with the British Royal Golf,and the film acting courses cooperated with University of the Arts London represent the highest level in the field of art at home and abroad and are all designed to allow Mon students to become lifelong learners who are willing to explore, be good at thinking, have the courage to bear and develop comprehensively.

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Address: 001 Yunxi Avenue, Yunxi Valley International Cultural Tourism Resort, Handan City, Hebei Province
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